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Become a Distributor

By becoming a distributor for LMP products in your country or region, you participate in a variety of product as well as business related strong-points

Combining in-house technical experience with engineering and manufacturing partners throughout the world
Since 2002, LMP has been manufacturing and trading innovative and in many cases unique products for the Mac market. Combining in-house technical know-how of more than 20 year business experience in the Mac market with a strong base of long-term partners in engineering and manufacturing worldwide, LMP products enhances your portfolio in a broad area of products.
With LMP, you are distributing products that are backed by a strong after-sales support as well as in-depth technical know-how.

LMP at the forefront of innovation in the Mac market
Time-to-market is a crucial aspect of successful business. LMP scans the market for new innovations and trends and supplies solutions that are among the forerunners in the industry. LMP will be among the first brands to offer Thunderbolt products in various areas such as RAID systems or adapters.
LMP has been focusing on Bluetooth technology for input devices and is a member of the SIG group.

Bringing ideas to live
Whether it is a missing product or you want to see your idea develop into a product: LMP can be your partner. With engineering and manufacturing contacts reaching around the globe, we can transform ideas into finished products.

Take advantage of our speed and flexibility
LMP products are usually shipping from our warehouse in Switzerland within 24 hours of order date. We deliver customized and worldwide at the distributor’s discretion with no MOQ or order value minima.

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